Thursday, 15 April 2010

Happy Birthday Get Dusty!

This blog is one year old. Yes, the online archive only goes back to September, but posts were being prepared from April 15th onwards. (Let us just gloss over the fact that we did not understand how date posting worked when we began. Can you back date posts? Anyway....)

We will probably have an online birthday too on the 3rd of September like those kids who get half birthdays as well as proper birthdays (what's THAT about?). So there will be another opportunity to shower us with gifts. This would do nicely.

We thought about closing for the day and having a paintball tournament in the searchroom to celebrate and then remembered that this is an archive full of priceless documents and reconsidered. So how to celebrate?

To celebrate in a relevant fashion, here is another ridiculous 1940s ad for cold remedies which actually has a guy smoking, and the one above, which could not be used today simply because it it so completely repulsive. Both are taken from a 1943 Orcadian.

I asked my colleague to think of 'something cool' to put up for the blog birthday and was shown the awesome Kirkwall Charter which is pictured at the top of the page. It is kept in a special box and just look at the amazing seal on it! It dates from the 15th of May 1661 and it is a Charter of Confirmation by King Charles II in favour of the Burgh of Kirkwall.

We told three of our favourite celebrities, Stevie Wonder, Girl in a Striped Top and Terry Wogan that it was our blogging birthday and they very kindly travelled back in time and put together this little video for us. Guys, you shouldn't have!
Charter reference: K1/16/2

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