Friday, 9 April 2010

Wild, WILD, go wild in the county!

The death of Malcolm McLaren came as a surprise last night and we thought that we would try to look for evidence of his influence on pop culture in Orkney.

Not one photograph could be found of an Orcadian punk, however, nor evidence of the Sex Pistol's album causing any ripples of alarm.

The 1977 Orcadian was searched in vain for letters from staid citizens, anxious for the moral well-being of the islands' youth. Still nothing.

You just have to read between the lines though. Look at these two Sheriff Court reports from the Orcadian dated 1st December 1977, a mere 5 weeks after the album's release. Not only was a boy caught DRINKING BEER whilst STANDING BESIDE SOME GIRLS, but some 16 year old girls had a bit of an argument in the Cosmo toilets which ended with someone BEING PUSHED and HAIR BEING PULLED. Despicable behaviour that could not even have been imagined before Johnny Rotten sang his nasty anarchic lyrics.

. I particularly like the fact that he 'just found the
beers in a bin'. That's a touch of class right there.

We have also included a photograph of the cream of Orkney's youth at this pivotal time; the Editorial Team for the Kirkwall Grammar School Magazine The Kirkwallian for that year.

Who knows what dark, depraved thoughts are flitting behind those young and seemingly innocent eyes?

Never Mind the Sex Pistols, let us end this post with a video from Bow Wow Wow, who were ace...

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