Wednesday, 28 April 2010

So long, farewell

Verily did we weep, dear readers as yesterday we were forced to remove our Discovery Week Archive World Traill exhibitions from the walls of the Searchroom. Our displays are like our children. So much time is spent researching, collating, photocopying, sticking, snipping, gluing and arranging, it is hard not to grow attached to their dear presence.

As each piece was packed away in it's little acid free box or archival plastic poly pocket, we reminisced and softly laughed as we bid them adieu once more.

Three months is the maximum time that we like to have archival documents out of the carefully controlled atmospheres of the strongrooms and we have plans for a new exhibition. We have big machines on the sides of the strongroom walls which control the temperature and humidity of the room. These settings vary from room to room (there are four stores) with the photographs, for example, needing less humidity in the air than our paper documents.

I am not going to lie, this plays havoc with our hair and complexions. We are thinking of insisting on a wage enhancement to spend on conditioner and moisturiser. The plants need watered every day too, or their soil turns to dust. Seriously, my hairdresser is appalled...

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