Friday, 30 April 2010

I Like the Snickers Ones

Last night the Orkney Library and Archive was the venue for the Election Hustings which were hosted by Radio Orkney.

The event was due to take place in the MacGillivray room on the first floor, but our lift broke and seemed as though it was not going to be ready in time.

This would not do, as it meant that the first floor was inaccessible to any one who had difficulty negotiating stairs. So, it was decided to hold the hustings in the foyer and close the library early. This meant we had to move 60 chairs to the ground floor using just the tiny book lifts and our brute, peasant strength.

BUT THEN THE LIFT GOT FIXED. But by then it was too late to move the location so we had to move all the chairs anyway! And then move them back upstairs again first thing this morning! (I say we, I moved about 6...)

The event seemed to be a great success though which people enjoyed and Radio Orkney gave us sweets, so all is well.

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