Saturday, 3 April 2010

Sock it to me

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Holidays were taken and acres of computer files were lost leaving all non-holidaying staff members weeping over their keyboards.

Today, as I am sure everyone is aware, is Holy Saturday which is the end of Lent. Here at the archive we gave up rusks, velour, vacuuming and Daniel O'Donnell concerts which was difficult, yet rewarding.

We seem to have no Easter themed photographs in the archives nor much information on traditions. I have found some recollections of Shetland traditions which include calling Easter Pazeday, collecting eggs in a sock and them eating them all, boiled, for Easter breakfast.

In the same book is a description of Old Wedding Customs. Apparently, the bride did not used to throw a bouquet over her shoulder but instead, made her bridesmaid strip off her smelly old stocking which she then hurled over her shoulder at the waiting (and presumably cringing) crowd. It is perhaps this particular part of the ceremony that these two gloomy bridesmaids contemplate.

Fans of horrifically designed and ill-conceived book covers may want to check our twitter page.
It is hard to believe that anyone ever thought this to be a good idea.

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