Thursday, 29 July 2010

Let Me Introduce You #2

We now have a third contributor to this blog to bug you with nonsense and bad puns. Dusty is her chosen nom de plume, although this does make us worry that the title of this blog takes on a more menacing tone.

It has often been Dusty's eagle eyes which have spotted the various hilarious letters, photos and documents that have been brought to your attention over the last few months, so it is nice for her to finally make herself known.

Dusty will not have a dedicated blogging day, she will just chip in when she wants to give you a piece of her mind about something and shall perhaps cover my holidays.

"But what is she like?" I hear you cry, "paint us a picture with words please!" Alright. Dusty is tender yet steely, frugal with censure and yet profligate with peas. She is an enigma, a maverick, a fan of rhetoric and a believer in owls. I expect her posts to be a cornucopia of delights which shall thrill, educate and move you in equal measure. This is a picture of her chosen future husband:

Look out for her in the near future...

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