Wednesday 31 October 2012

Hello Hallowe'en!

This year's Hallowe'en archive is a letter from Margaret Robertson of Buttquoy Kirkwall to her older brother Duncan telling him about her Hallowe'en plans.

We always enjoy wee Madge's letters as she does not hold back. One unfortunate acquaintance of the family is charmingly referred to as 'an old pig' in this particular missive dating from 1875. We are also treated to the tale of the untimely death of Whity the fat, turnip - munching rabbit.

Tonight we shall be hiding in the house, eating the guisers' sweets and shaking our fists impotently as our door and windows are festooned with eggs and flour.

Orkney Archive Reference D99/3/1/16

Monday 29 October 2012

A Classic One-liner!

Here's a spooky picture for Halloween Week that's so clever I just can't believe it!

I really hope it wasn't a true likeness, as I would not like to meet this woman (?) on a dark night...

This photograph of a picture is taken from the Tom Kent Collection, reference L683/1.

Thursday 18 October 2012

Welcome Alison!

We have been very remiss of late and have failed to post quite as often as we should like. Therefore, better late than never, please let us now introduce Orkney Library and Archive's new Reader in Residence:
 Alison Miller.

The reader in residence does not,as the name would suggest, live in the library but there is a cupboard full of Bookbug Rhyme Time cushions and plenty of complimentary coffee granules kicking about so this is a possibility for the future.

Alison is the author of the 2005 novel Demo which was highly praised on its publication. She is probably prouder of her other great claim to fame, however; winner of the Archive Trail during our inaugural Discovery Week in 2007.

Alison shall be blogging here and tweeting here throughout the year and is also hoping to speak to users of the library about their experiences of reading.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

George! Mackay! Brown!

It is the anniversary of the wonderful George Mackay Brown's birth today. He would have been 91.

We used to feel a little silly as an archive because, until recently, we did not really have many documents relating to one of Orkney's best known authors. A couple of letters and a few copies of the magazine he edited whilst at Eastbank hospital and that was about it.

However, as posted here in December, we are now lucky enough to hold 21 boxes of letters, poems and stories by the great man on permanent loan. The collection holds the reference D124 and is ready to view.

Friday 5 October 2012

Orcrime 2012

Orcrime is nearly here! Orkney's first Crime festival begins on Thursday the 11th of October and details of events can be seen here.

The archive are preparing a crime display which includes a recounting of the case of Caleb Isbister. Some draft pictures can be seen below:

To find out Caleb's crime and punishment, pop in next week to see the display!