Thursday, 18 October 2012

Welcome Alison!

We have been very remiss of late and have failed to post quite as often as we should like. Therefore, better late than never, please let us now introduce Orkney Library and Archive's new Reader in Residence:
 Alison Miller.

The reader in residence does not,as the name would suggest, live in the library but there is a cupboard full of Bookbug Rhyme Time cushions and plenty of complimentary coffee granules kicking about so this is a possibility for the future.

Alison is the author of the 2005 novel Demo which was highly praised on its publication. She is probably prouder of her other great claim to fame, however; winner of the Archive Trail during our inaugural Discovery Week in 2007.

Alison shall be blogging here and tweeting here throughout the year and is also hoping to speak to users of the library about their experiences of reading.

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  1. Thank you, Orkney Archive! I've only just seen this and I am blushing but very pleased! Look forward to lots of collaborations with you in my year as Reader in Residence. Alison :)


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