Friday 23 August 2013

Weirdest Old Advert EVER.

What has this picture got to do with photography????!!!!

(Orcadian Newspaper 1936)

Monday 19 August 2013

Please Meet Jason, the Unshrinkable Pants

Ahhh ha ha! I shall henceforth refer to my own underwear as 'Deborah'. You?

Friday 16 August 2013

Oh Daddy, My Daddy!

This week in 1858 saw the birth of E. Nesbitt, author of many wonderful books including 'Five Children and It', 'The Railway Children', 'The Treasure Seekers', 'The House of Arden', 'The Story of the Amulet' and 'The Enchanted Castle' to name but a few.

In celebration, here are some examples of the magnificent Minervian library, a collection of nearly 100 stories and plays written by contemporaries of Nesbitt; Maria, Clara, Malcolm and Alfred Cowan. London born, but Orkney residents in 1865 when they began to write their tales as children, the Cowans wrote in notebooks, sheaves of paper held together by pins and handmade jotters. The Minervian library became a functioning lending library between friends and aquaintances.

(Orkney Archive Reference D98)

Instead of a Friday afternoon boogie, let's have a Friday afternoon weep as Bobbie greets her long lost, beloved father at the train station.(sob!)

Saturday 3 August 2013

Do you believe everything you read in the paper?

Whilst trawling through the pages of our Orcadian newspaper archive recently, I found a couple of interesting stories. In 1870, the paper did not just report news from Orkney but from all over the world.

Reported in the 5th March edition, these are both from the USA:

"A South Carolina paper declares that a young man who lost his wife last week married another while friends were making preparations for the funeral, and with his bride followed the remains sorrowfully to the grave"

Even Jeremy Kyle looks shocked at that story!

Then tragedy and a very cheeky comment:

"A young man at Muscatine, Iowa lately crawled into a boiler to clean it out, but the engineer, being ignorant of the fact, closed the door and fired up. The young man became uncomfortably warm, and in his horror discovered the boiler filling with water. His shrieks were unheard, but fortunately the engineer opened the door and the half-suffociated prisoner was released. A contemporary thinks it was shameful that the engineer should have spoiled so good a story by opening the door when he did"