Tuesday 17 November 2009

Winter Wonderfullness

In these cold, rainy days when it gets dark at HALF PAST THREE IN THE AFTERNOON, it is easy to curse the arrival of winter in Orkney. Take a look at this delightful Tom Kent picture of snowy Kirkwall, however, and unclench those angry fists.
Winter means snow (and therefore the possibility of snow-days off work), twinkly lights, open fires, and the completely justified use of fattening pies to obtain essential cold-busting layers around one's midriff.


  1. This photo is simply beautiful, when was it taken?

  2. It is gorgeous isn't it? I'm not sure of the exact date, but it is filed amongst several garden photos which are tentatively dated at 1930. Tom Kent died in 1936 so it is definitely before then!

  3. Could something similar to this lovely picture be taken today? Am not sure from which angle it was taken and maybe what was once a garden is now built up? Couldn't recognise it.

  4. Hi Susan, I think that the photo was possibly taken from the garden of Tom Kent's shop in Broad Street (which is now the jewellery section of the Long Ship.)Either that, or one of the adjacent gardens.

    Sadly, that area has all been built upon now. You could attempt to recreate the shot from the middle of Castleyards but you may not achieve quite the same effect!


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