Saturday 2 February 2013

Whar dis thoo think thoo ar? (Westray)

It's Who Do You Think You Are? Live this month on the 23rd -24th February.

Whar dae you think you aar? (Sanday)

So we thought we'd help our customers by creating a display which suggests alternative sources of information for family history research.

Whar dae ye think ye er? (Harray)

We show examples of usual sources such as IGI, census, graveyard surveys, parish registers, etc. and also show more unusual sources such as 18th century muster rolls, a 19th century customs & excise book of ships' crews discharged, a commonty map showing tenants names, a school admission register showing pupils names from 1897.

Wha deu you tink you urr? (North Ronaldsay)

We hope to encourage our genealogy customers to dig a little deeper into our archive collections and discover some information treasure of their own. if you know of any other unusual sources, please let us know.