Monday, 28 September 2020

Archive in a Pandemic A-Z: A is for...


This the start of a new weekly blog of our experiences in the time of COVID-19. 

This is a link to a tour of our Archive in words and photos which was presented for this year's Doors Open Days Scotland. A complete change for this year as a result of the pandemic is that all the tours and presentations of the venues were only online.  

Below are some of the images from the online Archive Tour. To see the complete tour click here


  1. Sorry it took me so long to find this post. I've been hoping you're all doing ok, and it looks like you are. Fun tour--thanks!

  2. Hi Sue, lovely to hear from you. We are all well and hope that you are too!

  3. So far, so good. Home is getting awfully claustrophobic these days. ^_^ Ordinarily we would be in Michigan visiting family and friends, but not this year.


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