Thursday, 7 April 2011

When a child is born

Rejoice readers, your usual blogger archiver is now the proud mother of a very lovely daughter! We are all cock-a-hoop at this and wish them many hours of undisturbed sleep.

They may now be considering a christening and if so this might be a good time to issue the following warning. John Firth wrote in "Reminiscences of an Orkney Parish" about the dangers of baptising a girl directly before a boy. If this happened "fears were entertained that the girl, on reaching womanhood, would be afflicted with a full flowing whisker, while the other would remain beardless to the end of his days".

Think this is unlikely? Well just take a look at the photograph below. You have been warned!


  1. Brilliant!Oh how that photo made me laugh.

  2. Congrats and remember "Get Dusty" :-) Is she coming back?

  3. Thanks for the comments and yes, do not despair, our wonderful, funny archiver is coming back, but not for a while...Sob. In the meantime, I hope you can cope with her not so wonderful, not so funny, but hopefully interesting alternatives.


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