Thursday, 1 September 2011

21 Today!!

Today is the opening of the 21st Orkney International Science Festival. For the next week Orkney will become the place to be for those with enquiring minds.

One event that caught our eye takes place in the Pier Arts Centre on Saturday morning when they will be talking about and showing several short films by Orcadian film maker Margaret Tait. We hold Margaret Tait's written archive (Ref. D97) which contains a wealth of material, including film scripts, letters, business records and much more.

Margaret Tait, 1992. Photographed by Gunnie Moberg

One of Britain's most individual artist film makers, Margaret produced over 30 films in 46 years, including one feature length film, Blue Black Permanent, in 1992. In addition she wrote and published 3 books of poetry.


  1. it sounds great! The angle they've chosen sounds really interesting. I heard the screenings of her films during the Edinburgh Festival were a huge success as well.

  2. I went along to the re-run of this event yesterday. I have to confess that the films left me a bit nonplussed. Its maybe my stills photography background but I felt that two of the films contained a lot of great "still" images but didn't really do much for me as a whole. The third film just confused me! "Madam I'm Adam" indeed!! The three speakers were excellent and I enjoyed the poetry.


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