Friday, 11 October 2013

Orcadian Remedies

Man, it IS cold and we all HAVE colds. Autumn Schmautumn.

We had been feeling very sorry for ourselves as we downed cold and flu remedies and stocked up on tissues until we read this list of old Orcadian remedies from the Ernest Walker Marwick collection which is stuffed with local lore and legend.

For earache they used limpet juice! For sore eyes, try pee! Roast up some mice when your loved one develops whooping cough!

The most hilarious remedy by far is for warts. You were supposed to secretly rub your warts against the clothes of an acquaintance whose spouse had been unfaithful. This must have been so awkward:

CUCKOLDED WOMAN: "What are you doing?"

WARTY WOMAN: "Nothing."

CUCKOLDED WOMAN: "Are you rubbing your arm on me? Are those... warts?...


  1. Wow, I think I'm glad I didn't have to use any of those remedies! Thanks for making the image so that I can click on it and read the enlarged image (this is not a new thing here, but in the past I've forgotten to say how much I appreciate being able to read the originals).

    Hope you're all feeling much, much better. Here's a good old Michigan remedy for a cold: simmer apple cider, nutmeg, cinnamon stick, allspice, and orange peel until the cider is heated through. Add a splash of brandy or something if you want. Slurp it up, and have some more.


  2. That sounds fab Sue, you are quite the gold mine of booze-infused recipes!

  3.'s kind of funny that the recipes I share all involve booze, since I don't drink it much and really don't use it that much. Honest! ^_^

    You should do an internet search for "Best Rum Cake Ever" and read the one that comes up at cooks dot com. ;)



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