Friday, 28 February 2014

Fancy a Friday Foto Fling?

"What a handsome hill!" I hear you cry.

"I should like to climb it immediately. Where is it?"

The answer readers is we do not know. Upon looking for an elusive Tom Kent copy, I stumbled upon a folder of his photographs entitled simply '?'.

Within is a few photos, like the one above, for which we have no information. Some have guesses on the back such as 'meteorite?' for a photo of a crumbly old stone or 'Egilsay? Octocentenary?' for this one:

Again, there is a guess of Egilsay for this photo of an escapee from some manner of procession:

Other images include what looks like an open-air church meeting, the skeleton of what may be an otter still in the grip of a steel trap, and this:

What is this.

WHAT IS THIS? Best answer receives a Unison stress pig and an item of Orkney Library and Archive merchandise.


  1. I think it's a Chest Burster from the Alien films

  2. Elly, we have finally finished sifting through the hundreds of replies we were inundated with and have decreed your answer to be the winner. Use the contact tab above to send us your postal address and a collection of Orkney archive tat shall be yours!

  3. I think the first photo might be Grut Fea on Hoy - see the tenth photo down on this link:

  4. Thank you Graham, that looks very likely indeed. Have passed it on to the photo archivist.


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