Saturday, 12 November 2016

Murray's Mint!

Faithful readers may have been wondering why we have not mentioned the recent ascension of Andy Murray to the position of No.1 tennis player in the ENTIRE WORLD last week.( Seeing as we love him and everything.)

Well, first we were weeping too much about it to type properly, and then we were weeping too much about the US election results; but we have calmed down a little and would now like to celebrate. Oh Andy! How do we love thee? Let us count the ways..

We love how you get so, so, cross about stuff:

We love your excellent teenage eye rolls:

We love how you said you would fly home from the Australian Open if your baby was born early even if it meant missing the final.

We love how very good at playing tennis you are.

We love how when you lose you cry...

...and we love how when you win you cry even more...

...but perhaps we love you most of all because, for several years in in the late 1800s, you ran the John Street Grocers for us in Stromness. Truly above and beyond Andy.

 Murray, you're mint!


  1. Excellent topical news slash archive link, Archiver. I salute you!

  2. A little late perhaps but worth noting! Thank you for reading Lucetta, your loyalty moves us.

  3. Am Rolling my eyes at this too!(with a wide smile plastered across my face)
    Good one. 😆


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