Thursday 23 November 2017

Celebrate, Good Times!

It was announced this morning that Orkney Archive has become one of a select group, those UK archives that have been awarded accreditation. In Scotland it seems to be even rarer, in fact the number is still in single figures. So we're very excited!

What this means is that you can all be sure that we're looking after the history and heritage of Orkney in the best way possible and adding new documents and collections so that they will always be available to researchers the world over.

We'll probably spend a few days patting each other on the back and smiling at nothing in particular, or maybe at our dedicated band of volunteers, but not for too long. Oh yes, we've got plans. Just one of these involves our catalogue. We've had a dream for a while now that our full archive catalogue will be available online, making it easier and more convenient for anyone to search our collections. We're not quite there yet but hopefully before too long...

Onwards and upwards!

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