Friday, 19 March 2010

My oh my, It's a windy windy day!*

The wind has been howling through the cracks in our building all day and making its usual scary ghost noises. Stationary cars are wobbling like blancmanges and the Highway Maintenance vans are out in force, shovelling errant driveway gravel back in its place. One can achieve a temporary face lift by walking directly into the wind.

Ferries have been cancelled, forcing some of our customers to put off a visit, but spare a thought for poor James Leask writing to his cousin, Henry of Boardhouse, in 1832 (see above). He was windbound in Stromness for 19 DAYS.
Letter reference D1/182/1/25

*Everyone remembers Bob singing 'Windy Day' on Sesame Street surely?

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