Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Savoury Balls

Look at these merry flappers laughing at a pie. They are laughing because the pie is rank and they are about to serve it to someone they hate.

These 1920s Jack Monroes (We heart Jack Monroe) have compiled a selection of 'thrifty' recipes for the harried housewife. (The definition of thrifty, like bully, awful, and villain has changed over the years and originally meant 'evil'.) My favourite was a tempting mixture of salt, suet and white flour with the evocative name of 'Savoury Balls'. But then I read about the exquisite combination of wet toast, veal, egg and lemon rind that is 'Veal Moulded'. Eventually, I decided I admired the straight forward approach of the vegetable section most:

Boil stuff. For ages.

Why not treat your other half with a plate of boiled onions tonight?

I am also filled with jealousy for the recipients of this special dinner served in 1899 at the Kirkwall Free Church. The menu begins with 'Brown Soup', continues with non-specific 'fowl' and yummy tapioca pudding all followed by a mound of raisins washed down with some delicious water. MMmmmmmmmmm....

Orkney Archive Reference D133/5


  1. I like the unflappable flappers - do you mind if I put the image on Pinterest?

    Probably the less said about brown soup and fowl (bet it was herring gull) the better!

  2. Hi Peeriemoot, Thanks for the comment. Yes you can use the image on Pinterest as long as you acknowledge the Orkney Library & Archive.

    Honestly, I leave Archiver alone for 5 minutes and she's making everyone sick! Although I do remember getting brown soup for school dinners...

  3. I've just put my sprouts on for Christmas dinner.

  4. Tsk... quite late aren't you?

  5. Oh, but the water served at the church dinner is aerated! that makes it extra-special! ^_^

    (Sorry my commentary is so delayed. Sometimes I get distracted by Real Life and don't manage to read your lovely posts as frequently as I'd like.)

  6. What??? You mean you do not sleep by your computer awaiting our very irregular posts? Shame on you!

  7. ^_^ I'm not allowed to sleep next to the computer for fear I may commit some kind of mayhem on it.

    (It has been not-quite-one-month-to-the-day since your reply, so see, I do come back and check.)

  8. Have to confess that I actually (genuinely) love boiled onions in white sauce. Suspect the savoury balls might be a step too far even for me though!

  9. It's all sounding increasingly more palatable as the afternoon wears on... stupid single sandwich for lunch.


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