Saturday, 5 April 2014

Panting for Planting

Plan of old garden at Orphir House, Gyre.
Well hello there archive-I-stumbled-upon-today! Could you delight us any more? I think not.

a) It is a beautiful spring day and you are a plan of trees and list of plants for the garden at Orphir House (which was rebuilt in 1886.)

 List of plants growing in the layer rockery at East Cottage on 5 May 1895.

b)You are the record of the old garden, a garden past, which makes us feel mournful and wistful... which we love.

Plan of trees in the old garden.
c) As great fans of luuuurve, and romance the rubbings taken of initials carved into trees made us squeal with delight.

Rubbings of initials carved into the bark of trees.
Well done Orkney Archive Reference D15/21/21. A sterling job.


  1. The rubbings are so interesting! some of those carvers were very skilled. You must have been tickled pink when you found this treasure.

  2. They are rather beautiful, yes.


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