Tuesday 20 April 2010

Yeah, cheese!

Fans of Orkney Cheese, rejoice! There is now a project on its history and manufacture which you can read whilst munching on a wedge of said tasty product. (Other cheeses are also available.)

Today, a glittering awards ceremony took place at Kirkwall Grammar School to celebrate the best of this year's Fereday Prize Projects. There were cakes and there were certificates. The archives were represented by the same member of staff who had served as a judge and she wept quietly in a sequined gown as youngsters received their prizes of book tokens. Her late and drunken return in a taxi, tiara askew, will not go unpunished.

There was some controversy as one of the winners attempted to use their time on the stage to protest against the new traffic slowing measures in the Quoybanks area, ("Speed bumps are for Chumps!") but they were quickly clubbed over the head and wrestled off stage in a sack.

Lisa Alexander of Stromness Academy was the overall winner with her project on Orkney cheese.

The Stromness runners up are: Robert Mathershaw, who wrote about the Commercial Hotel and Gareth Johnston, whose project was called Wartime Scapa Flow.

The top three from KGS were: Evie Peace's A History of Orkney Cinema (a personal favourite), Joanne Pirie's An Orkney Wedding Past and Present and Hamish Auskerry's A Crash on Auskerry.

We should be getting copies of all the projects in soon.


  1. Am I right in thinking that the Fereday Project is run by the Orkney Heritage Society?

  2. You are indeed correct. (Plug, plug!)


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