Thursday, 17 June 2010

Catalogue Under 'Irritation'.

Ha ha, sometimes the driest of archives can reveal the funniest flashes of humanity. I am currently plodding my way through a very dry set of day books for a company which I shall not name.

Painstakingly compiled pages of facts, figures and dates appear one after the other in small neat ink writing. At the bottom of one page, however, after the day's log has been signed and its top duplicate filed away, the boss has wearily scribbled in pencil "workers b*ggering about as previously."

Little did he know that this small act of irritation would make someone snigger over half a century later. So come on! Let us amuse our descendants by slagging our co-workers off in our day books, logbooks, receipt stubs and small pieces of paper stuffed under desk tops and filing cabinets.

This will of course be less funny if said co-workers find your scribbles, so be discreet, Orkney Archive accept no responsibility for loss of job, life or social standing.

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