Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Scandal and Meringues

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, we have staff on holiday and lots of customers to speak to.
We are also working tirelessly to get our Orkney Science Festival exhibition together. Its title is: Orkney Explorers - Journeys For Ideas and Places.

The exhibition ties into a number of science festival talks and events and looks at John Rae, Murdoch Mackenzie, Magnus Spence, Mary Brunton, Robert Rendall, F. Marian McNeill, T. S. Traill and William Balfour Baikie.

It is not a vast array of documents, just our usual display board and glass case combo, but there are some very interesting objects and documents included such as Robert Rendall's teenage nature notes, samples of local flora sent through the post to Magnus Spence and a letter written by the love child of Thomas Balfour.

Yup, that's scholarly endeavours, dusty old plants and delicious scandal covered in one small exhibition. Photos shall follow soon.

The main events of today were the triumph of one of our staff members in the OIC fun day raffle (well done Sydney!) and the appearance of Carol-from-Stromness's magnificent meringues in our staff room as mentioned here.

And for all of you who were wondering, they looked a little something like this:

Above is just a stock photo from the internet. I considered photographing the real meringues but couldn't as they were all gone. Thanks Carol!

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