Friday, 8 June 2012

A Wee Friday Afternoon Quiz

a) What on earth are these animals supposed to be? Sheep? Rabbits? Goats? Llamas? Wolves wearing ram masks?   (D8/E24)

b) What is this woman thinking?                                (L6524-3)

c) What should we have for our tea?


  1. a) dromedaries?

    b) "I know something you don't know"

    c) pancakes

  2. Wrong on all counts. The answers are as follows:

    a) Rabbits wearing hockey masks.

    b) "This one's silent but deadly... ka-pow!"

    c) We don't know how to make pancakes.

  3. a) Badgers in disguise

    b) "Wow, is that Des Lynam?"

    c) Tea. And cake.

  4. a) mutant sheep
    b) I won't tell him his pants are hanging out!
    c) Fish and Chips, from the chippy!

  5. Mmmm.... chips and cake....


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