Thursday, 23 May 2019

Fairy Folklore

The wonderful Ernest Walker Marwick collected many tales, superstitions, songs, rhymes and memories over the years. He was interested in everything and saw fit to record a local woman's recollection of seeing a fairy when she was three years old:

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He also spoke to film-maker Margaret Tait about fairy lore she had heard:

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...and he collected the story of Mansie Ritch of Hoy's visit to fairyland:

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It is interesting that two people described their fairy folk as being eighteen inches in height and dapperly dressed...also that fairies like potatoes.

Do any readers have some fairy folk recollections?

Information taken from Orkney Archive references: D31/1/1/25, D31/2/5 and D31/3/2

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  1. Hi, Archiver--I have no fairy tales, but enjoy reading other peoples' adventures in Fairyland.

    I was not home when this post was made, so I haven't seen it till now. Thank you!



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