Monday, 12 October 2020

Archive in a Pandemic A-Z: C is for


Every day we are open we are cleaning especially for you, dear public. Before and after each booking, we clean the table and the chair (hence the plastic chairs) and the laminated table label. 

Here is one of our table labels (it's really a sign, but table label is more pleasing to say): 

If it is red-side up, then we know that the table needs cleaned. 

We also have a sign on our public pc.

If it is red-side up we know to clean the keyboard after each use. 

We also have a signs on our Microfilm Readers 

You know the drill now...

When a surface or machine is ready to be cleaned, our desk staff press a button...

...and our small band of backroom staff are ready to spring into action at the sound of the trumpet (no boring doorbell sound for us), on the way donning disposable gloves, picking up blue paper-towels and either soapy water or anti-viral spray depending on what they need to clean. 

Soapy water is for anywhere we are likely to handle archives as it is more gentle. 

At the end of morning bookings we also clean all the touch points along the corridor which our dear public may have touched, such as door handles, the lift buttons, light switches and bannisters. 

At the end of the day our wonderful cleaning staff come in and clean all surfaces and touch points again. 

We are pleased to say that it is going smoothly and there has been no need to put up this sign yet...

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  1. Looks like you are taking excellent steps to keep your public safe. Thank you, even though I'm far, far away. I'm of that certain age, so any time I see this kind of thing, it makes me feel like I might actually be safe to venture out of my house. I laughed out loud at the poster you have not had to use yet. Thanks for that--laughing is good for us all!


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