Monday 10 July 2023

Update to Sketch Map!


Orkney Archive Reference D2/7/3 - Undated sketch chart for soundings at Stromness Harbour 


We've had some thoughts about the above map sent in by an instagram follower:

Compare it to Murdoch MacKenzie’s map  of Pomona or main-land dated at 1750 – by the NLS  (

Date: 1750.  



 And Greenvile Collins and  Herman Moll The Islands of Orkney   1693?



Look at the depth markings – they are pretty much identical for the MacKenzie map but deeper than the Collins and Moll. Also,  the shading (for shallows, I guess) off the northeast tip of Graemsay is identical.


So at a guess, your new old map is either drawn from the Murdoch map or is something that Murdoch used – i.e. c. 1750 maybe a few years earlier?


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