Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Your mother doesn't work here!

One of our duties here in the archive is the booking and setting up of the meeting rooms which are situated on the first floor. Various organisations book the rooms and, first thing in the morning, we set out the tables and chairs and put out a laptop and projector if they are required. And that's it.

Some users, however, (and they are in the minority) are under the illusion that we are also able to abandon the searchroom to tidy up the chaotic messes that are sometimes left. Piles of filthy crockery tower in the kitchen, strawberry heads have been strewn across the carpet with gay abandon and every surface is dusted with a fine layer of crumbs. Sticky stains abound and crumbled papers lie abandoned by their owners. It  looks as though these staid meetings have in actual fact been brilliant parties with people rolling around in biscuits and linking their arms to drink from each others' glasses of juice.

We love that people are having a fab time in our MacGillivray room, we really do. We just don't want to clean up after it. In order to put this point across, our colleague has made a lovely poster to put in the room:

Very polite, I'm sure you'll agree. We had to dissuade her from putting up her first draft:

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