Wednesday 20 October 2010

You Basic Slaaaaag!

Vintage readers of this blog shall already know how much this 1940s ad campaign freaked us out. On this day in 1953 the company took things further with the creepy Wright's Biscuits child emerging from a television screen like that girl in The Ring whilst muttering " I'm Nuts. Ginger Nuts."

It would surely be more effective if the slogan was " I'm nuts, for ginger nuts".

I can only speak for myself, but a picture of a leering child proclaiming their mental illness does not make me in the least bit peckish.


The next time I feel the need to give a person a piece of my mind, the first insult which rolls off my tongue shall be inspired by this simple advert.

Adverts taken from The Orcadian dated 20th October 1953.


  1. An advertising campaign based on the Ring could actually be pure genius. Get someone else to buy a packet of biscuits before the 7 days are up or the ginger nut kid gets you...

  2. It would certainly work on me...


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