Monday, 13 June 2011

Tribute to Donald Hewlett

Following the sad news of the death of Donald Hewlett last week, I thought it fitting that we share some archives we have of him to thank him for founding the Kirkwall Arts Club during the second world war and for all the wonderful shows he wrote, produced, directed and starred in while in Orkney.

This is an outline of activities of the Kirkwall Arts Club while Donald Hewlett was chairman.

These are some programmes for shows he was involved in.

And here's a letter from Marjorie Linklater thanking him too.

An lastly a special message from fellow actor, Richard Bishop.

Donald Hewlett went on to star in well-known television shows like Doctor Who, Come Back Mrs Noah and It Ain't Half Hot Mum. He will be missed.

References used are from the Kirkwall Arts Club Archive D44/1/1; D44/5/11; D44/5/15 and from miscellanous gifts and deposits reference D1/219.

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