Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Regular readers of this blog may have received the impression that it is merely an excuse for us to write about the celebrity-flavoured nonsense which fills our tiny, malformed brains and to complain incessantly about the weather.

This impression would be mostly correct but it turns out that we have been helping people too! People have found things of interest upon this site and have then contacted us for further information and/or copies!

True, we generally don't answer any of their calls or emails as we are too busy dancing to this, but it feels good to be useful.

This blogpost led to a delighted relation of the servant being indentured getting in touch and receiving a copy of her ancestor's apprenticeship documents. Hooray!


  1. As John Bain's Grt Grt Granddaughter, I'm happy to endorse the above blog - they put their dancing and celebrity-obsession to one side to speedily respond to someone on the south coast of (whisper it) England. What lovely people! :-)
    I remain forever a delighted descendant

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, we were very pleased to help.


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