Saturday, 9 December 2017

The Anagram Victor

Many thanks for all of the delightfully weird anagrams you sent. Some of you cleverly used the letters in 'heart' or 'love' in your word play but we very strictly discounted those as we wished to change our banner to the winning re-shufflement which was:

Was Vic Here

A giant Orkney Archive & Library paperclip and pen shall be claimed by Andrew Marriot (@wet_kipper)
 on twitter who made us hoot with his four anagrams and reminded us of an 80s hit by Department S (See below...look at his hair! What a great coat!) Send us your details Andrew!

Honourable mention must be made to our fellow archivist at Balliol, @balliolarchives, who also sent us four anagrams with accompanying explanations.


  1. Great photo! Like the addition in the window.

  2. Thanks Lucetta! We were determined to include both christmassyness and our archive accreditation logo.


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