Monday 24 May 2021

Archive in a Pandemic A-Z: U is for...


Many of our Archive Items are unique and that has posed a problem during COVID lockdowns where travel to Orkney has not been allowed. 

Example of archive item from the 15th century:

Archive item D5/32/1/1 - Disposition by Andro and Jonet Malking of ½ penny land in Wasbuster in Holm to John Mason, dated 1402 (although some scholars think it should be 1482). 
(Transcription available here)

Our Archive is home to many thousands of records that are simply not available anywhere else. They record life in Orkney for the last 500-600 years and are a rich source of information.

Example of document from the 17th Century: 

Archive item D14/6/7: Roup [Auction] of the Ship the Golden Starrie of Amsterdam, 1666
(Transcription available on request)

In normal pre-COVID times these records have proved to be a big attraction to those who study Orkney's history. People have travelled here from all over the world to look at our collections, whether for a PhD, a TV documentary, for family history, property history, social history, research projects for universities or schools or personal, the reasons are endless. 

Example of archive item from the 19th century:

Archive item D8/4/8 - Official log and account of voyages and crew of the vessel "Gudrun", 1894.

Recently we have welcomed back our first visitors from outwith Orkney and we look forward to meeting all our future visitors still to come. 

We would love to hear your stories and arcs and tangents 

that bring you to research in Orkney. 

In the meantime we run an enquiry service that can help to identify which records we have which would help with your research and can send you lists or images for a small fee. 

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