Monday, 12 April 2021

Archive in a Pandemic A-Z: T is for...


USA... Canada... New Zealand... Australia... Norway... Japan... Sweden...  

The Hordaland hat

This is the time of year when we normally start to make and re-make the acquaintance of family historians and historical researchers from across the globe, face-to-face. We missed our international buddies last year and cannot be sure which dulcet accents may grace our searchroom in 2021. (Or what GIFTS we may/may not receive - see above the Hordaland rain hat which we take turns to wear home on rainy days and see below for the decorative Norwegian plate which - out of respect - has not yet been used for buns but is always ready and waiting...)

The Norwegian decorative plate

At the moment, there is a 'Stay Local' rule in Scotland which means that we all need to restrict any non-essential travel outwith our own counties. This means that we cannot yet serve non-resident visitors face-to-face in the Archive searchroom.

We are still carrying out remote research, however, (as we always have) by post, telephone and email. See our contact details here but please be aware that we will not be as nimbly quick as we used to as we are still short staffed after our desertion by the Fonds and are dealing with far more remote enquiries than pre-2020.

Those who are able to visit at the moment are required to provide a name and either an email address, telephone number or postal address in support of the ‘Test and Protect’ scheme. We will store your contact details for 21 days and they will be deleted immediately after that, in line with privacy legislation.


  1. I love the gifts you've received. That rain hat looks like it really does shed rain! And the decorative plate is lovely. I hope things settle down soon, and we can all return to "normal," whatever that is.

  2. Some restrictions are lifting here so things are seeming a bit lighter...

  3. Oh, good, I'm glad to hear that! Texas is fully open now, and things are much calmer. Michigan is still locked down, and cases are going up. TPTB are not sure why, though they like to blame Spring Break.


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