Friday, 13 July 2012

Don't You Sometimes Wish That Shops Still Looked Like This?

Interior of D. M. Wright, Chemist, Albert Street, Kirkwall.

As above.

Interior of Flett and Sons, Bridge Street, Kirkwall.

But I am glad that they no longer look like this:


G. Graham's, Bridge Street, Kirkwall.

All photos by Tom Kent.


  1. At the risk of being controversial, the shops depicted most likely offered a better quality and personal service than some of our larger newcomers on the retail scene...T*s*o for example!
    As for Mr. Graham's poultry, well at least they were organic and not reared intensively where they never saw daylight, never mind being forced to retail maturity with Heaven knows what.

  2. Yes, bring back customer service, bring back non-hormone filled meat and bring back lovely displays of natural sponges in glass cases!

    I still like my chicken carcasses to be indoors however, but maybe that's just me...

  3. thanks for sharing.


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