Saturday, 28 July 2012

Orkney Olympics

We have prepared another display! It is, of course, in honour of the Olympics and contains many photos and documents of sporting prowess from rugged and/or lithe Orcadians.

The poster includes images of runners in the 2012 Torch parade which went through Orkney last month, Tom Wards, an Orcadian wrestler who competed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, boxer Toby Cliff and a very brave man about to dive into the basin at Kirkwall harbour for a swimming gala.

We have censored this image with an iced bun as his swimming costume leaves little to the imagination. You'll have to come in and see the display if you want to ...errr... see the display.

We very much enjoyed the opening ceremony last night but were saddened by the lack of clootie dumplings, half time raffle and old men in boiler suits saying "aye aye min!" Blatant discrimination against Orkney.

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