Tuesday, 3 December 2019

20 Days of Orkney Trees #2

Yesterday, we wrote about Kirkwall's Big Tree and today we shall tell you about another important Kirkwall tree.

Every year, a tree is cut down in Bringsv√¶rd Forest, near Grimstad in Norway, and is brought to Kirkwall Cathedral as a symbol of friendship between the two towns.

This tradition began in 1987:

Orcadian 12th November 1987

Saint Magnus Cathedral was founded by Kali Kalason, later to become Rognvald, nephew of St Magnus. Young Kali grew up in Norway and perhaps played in the woods which would later provide Kirkwall with our Christmas 'big tree'.

I want you to make a vow... you'll build a stone minster at Kirkwall more magnificent than any in Orkney, that you'll have it dedicated to your Uncle the holy Earl Magnus and provide it with all the funds it will need to flourish.

St Rognvald's father, Kol Kalasan to his son in the Orkneyinga Saga

and you can see Orkney Islands Council convener Harvey Johnston cutting down this year's tree here: https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/11/12/orkney-norway-friendship-marked-with-2019-christmas-tree-cutting-in-bringsvaerd-forest/ (Mr Johnston does somewhat undermine the whole thrust of our advent theme by saying 'Orkney has no trees' in the article. Grrrrrrrr.)

Information taken from Orkney-An Illustrated Architectural Guide and an article in edition #73 of Living Orkney, both by Leslie Burgher.

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  1. I just began reading the Advent articles, and am tickled pink by the idea. Someone had a terrific brainstorm when this was proposed, and I for one am very happy to be reading the articles. I must have been imagining the trees that showed up in the overview of Kirkwall, in the photo linked to the first entry in this series.


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